Sanker Ganesh Dental Hospital
Sanker Ganesh Dental Hospital

Complete Dentures

For those who lost their natural set of teeh, complte denture treatment is the best option, the dentist rehabilitate the patient for better esthetics,phonetics and masticatory function. Apart from ordinary acrylic dentures;BPS dentures (biofunctional prosthetic system) are also made in Sanker Ganesh Dental Hospital.

Complete dentures are a combination of the best in technique, methods and materials designed to bring patients the utmost in comfort, fit and occlusion in a predictable and accurate manner. Dentures are always troublesome to the old patients. Where you have poor base, we can make absolutely trouble free dentures with a very good aesthetics & better chewing efficiency. Implant supported complete denture is recent advance in this field.

Cast Partial Dentures

It has always been our earnest endeavour to offer you new products that are - "tailor-made" for cases. We offer conventional clasp retained removable cast partial dentures. Precision attached removable partial dentures to improve the quality of the patient's life.

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